Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black
Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black
Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black
Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black
Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black
Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black
Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black
Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black
Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black
Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black

Undated Weekly Planner - Business Black

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This is a premium Inspire Spirit planner that allows you to follow your passion and achieve all your dreams while focusing on the weekly and monthly tasks. Set your goals, break them down, plan more effectively and track your habits. We promise that it will lead to your desired outcome! You will become more organised, determined but also calm and happy. 

Product Details

  • Premium Vegan Leather
  • New Features!
  • Language: English
  • Undated (12 months) - start anytime!
  • Standard 'B' Format: 198x129mm
  • Eco-friendly paper with FSC
  • 100gsm Paper
  • 18 Additional Blank & Dotted Pages
  • Back Book Pocket
  • Black Ribbon
  • Black Rubber Band


Created in mind with the 5 most important well-being elements

Powerful tools will empower your life on interpersonal, physical and spiritual levels. With the Inspire Spirit planner, you will become the best version of yourself.

Spiritual development is about getting to know yourself much better. Discover your inner voice and power and become more happier, calmer and fulfilled. You are powerful!

Goal setting will help you to align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery. Trigger new behaviours that help you to sustain the momentum of life.

You will be as organised as never before. Inspire Spirit planners allow you to have all the important meetings, calls, tasks and deadlines at one place. Your time is precious.

We care about our planet. All our products and packaging are made from environmentally friendly resources. For our planners, we use a vegan leather cover and sustainable paper with FSC.

We are here for you! Our aim is to give you the power to accomplish all your dreams and find your true self. Join our community full of inspiring people and become one of us!

How It Works


👀 Develop a self-perception of the most important areas in your life.

🔎 Pause and look at the bigger picture.

📖 Create your own combination of different things reflecting your priorities and beliefs.

💯 Would you give yourself 10 out of 10 to every single area of your life?


🧘‍♂️ Trigger new behaviours that will guide your focus and sustain that momentum of life.

🖊️ Written goals improve your performance and the quality of your life.

💭 Gain the clarity of your decision making.

🎯 Achieve more in your life!


🔝 Choose your top 3 goals and break them down into small steps.

💡 Science claims that breaking down your goals rises the probability of achieving them by 60%!

👣 By knowing your next steps, you will become more organised and will avoid disappointments.

🤞 Set them, break them, smash them!


⏰ Improve your time management skills and get more done in less time.

🗓️ The Monthly Overview allows you to have all important things in one place.

🏋️‍♂️ Set your priorities and work on long lasting positive habits.

👉 Make planning work for you.


📅 Remember everything from work calls, meetings, birthdays or appointments.

📈 Track your habits to identify your strengths and see what could be improved.

❗ Learn how to priorities your tasks - only this can lead to better and more effective performance. Multitasking is dangerous.

🙏 Note down all your ideas and things you are grateful for.


🎓 Self-reflection is the school of wisdom.

😱 Get to know yourself better and face the fears.

🖤 Increase your self-esteem every single month.

✍️ Give yourself a space to reflect on the previous month.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Very well rounded diary

I must say It took me by surprise how beautifully it was wrapped up and I love the cover as it enables me to keep all my pencils together in one place with the diary. There were elements I didnt know I needed until I saw them like the wheel of life or the cheque. As an organisational freak I need to see everything clearly lined up and devided which diary provides me with. Most importantly I am happy about the reflection parts which are a key element. I had been searching for a diary that would satisfy my organisational freak habits for a long time and finally I got the perfect one. :)

My inspire spirit Planner is just wonderful

The perfect balance of organisation, mindfulness & gratitude! The colours are gorgeous & I love that it is long enough to last a whole 12 months unlike other planners I looked into. I would definitely recommend! It also came with the loveliest thank you note, & introduction which I read whenever I need to feel inspired, motivated & in control.

inspire Spirit Rose Gold

Such brilliant quality!! and lovely note and packaging! will definitely be buying from again


It has absolutely everything I need in it and is massively helping me achieve my goals! I love the manifesting cheque element, I think it’s so unique! For the price it’s an absolute no brainier and if you are considering purchasing or even have it in your cart, buy it I promise you won’t regret it!

Thank you

Very beautiful and practicable.