Our Story


Inspire Spirit was created after the Co-Founders Patrik Huber and Alexandra Frohlichova saw a gap in the market for what they felt was truly missing in their day to day life - a tool that brings more clarity, balance, happiness, success and mainly sets the right direction towards their desired life. Inspire Spirit aims to give all the men and women of the world the power to accomplish all their dreams and find their true self. We believe that everybody deserves to be the best version of themselves and does what sets their souls on fire.

All Inspire Spirit Planners have been created in mind with the 5 most important well-being pillars; self-development, spiritual development, goal setting, time management and nature. We truly believe that sustainable way of living should be part of our lives. Therefore, our products are all made from Eco sources such as the vegan leather cover, eco-friendly paper with FSC and small cotton bag as a form of sustainable packaging.

We are proud of what we bring to the market and we cannot wait to grow with you on this amazing journey!

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Our Mission

Apart from making the world a better place...

We want to make a real change!

Life can often become hectic. More than ever before, people are questioning the meaning of their lives and are striving for happiness; although often without making any real changes. Inspire Spirit is not here to tell you what you should do but continually strives to help you make good choices. In the end, the decisions you make are entirely yours.

Our company will always be by your side on the journey towards your dreams, because we want you to achieve them too.

Our mission is to give people the power to accomplish all their dreams and find their true self!

We are extremely passionate about delivering products & services to our customers that enhance their lives.

We feel committed to spread optimism across the world in order to bring more smile and inspiration.

We are grateful for each other, for every single one of you and for being part of this project!

Nobody is perfect. Neither are we. We try to learn from every mistake we do to make it better next time.

Meet The Team

Together, We Can Grow. We Are Here For You!

Patrik Huber

Co-Founder & Director

Patrik is a Director and Graphic Designer at Inspire Spirit. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Sports Management and master's degree in International Tourism Management (University of Birmingham), Patrik decided to combine his love of well-being, books, self-development & business.


Alexandra Frohlich

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

Alexandra graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree in International Tourism Management (University of Birmingham). However, her real passion is to help others to grow and blossom through creativity and purpose, so there is no surprise that she provides the creative element of Inspire Spirit.


Renee Ujah

Social Media & Blogging

Renee is a current BSc Psychology student at Aston University. With a passion for self-development and blogging, she wants to apply her knowledge and creativity to inspire our audience. At Inspire Spirit, she also manages the company's social media channels, with a particular focus on Pinterest.