Want to level up your energy and productivity? Start with your mornings

Want to level up your energy and productivity? Start with your mornings

Anyone who has ever become interested in personal development during their lifetime knows that one of the most frequently related topics is a morning routine. In essence, every successful and healthy person is characterised by how he/she manages the first phase of the day.

It is a journey, not a destination

Well-being, success and happiness... All these elements have one thing in common: they need to be perceived as a lifetime journey, rather than a single destination. There are many ways of how we can call it; life philosophy, lifestyle - you choose. It merely is daily work thanks to which we grow and improve our situation in all spheres. Emotional, financial, personal, etc.

And those people, who can attract all the positive attributes into their life, whether material or mental, know very well that they need to have the appropriate approach to it. If you want to get into this as well, you have to be in a good mental state, have a well-set mind and an excellent physical condition. And what unites all this is how we start our day. Or how we set up our morning routine.

Getting up early? For many of us impossible!

But how do we get up early if we used to wake up late in the long run? The key is simple - start little by little. It is the same as if you would like to change your diet and come to a nutritionist; he will not tell you to dig the contents of your refrigerator at once. On the contrary, he will advise you to replace unhealthy products with better ones day by day, and over time you will get where you want to go: you will eat 100% of healthy and high-quality food.

And the principle of getting up early is the same.

If you are not able to get out of your bed before nine, it does not make sense to set the alarm at half-past four. It would be tough for you, and in the event of an initial failure, you would only be upset from the unfulfilled goal. And that is not the right way to start building personal motivation. But if you move the alarm clock by a good fifteen minutes in the first week, the same thing next week, you will be in an hour in a month. Imagine where you can get in half a year or a year. The appropriate choice of the pace at which you will move the clock on your alarm is, of course, individual.

I used to think going to sleep late was cool. Till I realised waking up early is the real boss shit. - Wiz Khalifa

Habits will make you or break you

But remember.. it takes approximately 28 days to build a habit. If you believe that it is not in your power to rewrite this code of thought encoded for years, let us correct you. Every single pattern can be changed. It is only about having your fixed "why". And believe us, getting up early in the morning, together with a healthy routine, has been a game-changer for many people. Along with quality sleep and proper nutrition, these are the most critical attributes of quality life. And if many people could, there is not a single reason you cannot do it either.

To be more specific, especially for those who are just starting to getting up early - how should our morning routine look like? First of all, we should avoid any electronics an hour before we get to bed and for the same amount of time after we wake up.

It is scientifically proven that the blue light directed at us from our devices has unhealthy effects on our eyes and very significantly "helps" to reduce our productivity. Experts, therefore, do not recommend starting and ending the day with a mobile phone in hand.

Instead, there are better tools to kick start the day.

Build a perfect morning routine is vital

1) Meditation: Thanks to it, we get into a state of mindfulness. Regular meditation, for at least ten minutes, should be included in your morning program.

2) Exercises: Even minimal stretching is essential to keep your body in good condition.

3) Hearty and healthy breakfast: The topic we have already mentioned, and which is closely linked to a healthy lifestyle, is, of course, a proper diet. It is ideal to choose the vitamins and raw materials that you need according to your body. But if you are interested in specific tips, we recommend watching our regular Wednesdays' stories on Instagram.

4) Journaling: Although it is ideal to start planning your day the evening before, every morning, we tend to watch what is waiting for us today as well as we are adjusting our schedule.

If you wish to live a fulfilled and happy life, it is crucial to start focusing on the present moment first. And if you want to have successful a day, you must learn to manage its first phase - the morning routine. Good luck then!

Share your morning routine with us or provide some tips of how to have the most incredible mornings and inspire others. Simply leave a comment below or DM us on our Instagram page!


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