Things to remember if you truly want to be happy!

Things to remember if you truly want to be happy!

Happiness is something that we all wish to have in life and it is something that we all deserve! It is also a fundamental factor that contributes to your inherent value. Living a happy life is subjective to each person. One person may see working a stable job as a happy life or creating a loving family as a happy life or even travelling the world as a happy life. Regardless of what your idea of a happy life is, you deserve to live it! 

‘Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.’

- Ayn Rand

It can be easy to want to be happy and live a happy life. There are moments and circumstances in life where it can be difficult to actually be happy, which is completely understandable as we are all human beings. The challenge comes when being happy is not the emotion that you feel, however you decide to be happy instead.

Seeing as we all deserve happiness the number one question is how do you truly achieve it? We have created a list of things to remember if you truly want to be happy!

You are in control of your happiness – this is a very important statement to remember! You and only you are in control of your happiness. Yes, the world may throw some questionable situations or circumstances that will affect how you feel, but only you are in control of how you react to those situations and/or circumstances. Enjoy the chances in life where you can, choose to have fun and love life!

All emotions are a part of being happy – when you think of happiness the natural thought is that any negative emotion is bad and takes away from your happiness. However, in order to be truly happy, the negative emotions are just as important as the positive ones. Feeling and experiencing sadness, anger, disappointment are all emotions that should be worked through rather than covered up with an appearance of happiness. Working through those emotions will make way for happiness and all other positive emotions to be present in abundance.

Be authentically YOU – being your true authentic self is one of the easiest ways to be happy! When you are able to be yourself and comfortable in who you are, happiness comes easily and naturally. There is nothing better than being who you are, doing what you love and enjoy, and being happy with yourself and what you are contributing to the world.

Live in peace with your mind, body & spirit – mind, body & spirit refers to the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the self. Being at peace with each aspect will contribute to being authentically you! Get in touch with your emotions, understand your body, connect with your spirituality and begin to see yourself become happier.

‘It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.’

- Charles Spurgeon

You are in control of you happiness, be your authentic self, tap into your mind body & spirit and embrace every emotion! Remember that being truly happy starts with you and you only!

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