Staying creative when everyday feels the same

Staying creative when everyday feels the same

It is amazing when we create a good routine that we are used to and helps us achieve our daily goals! There comes a point after some time where it may get a bit repetitive and everyday begins to feel the same. Feeling stuck in the same routine day after day can lead to burnout with the only hope being the weekend.

Being stuck in, what seems to be, a never-ending cycle can be very detrimental over time and appear as if there is no hope. We are here to remind you that it can be broken! We want to encourage you to keep your creative spirit alive! Change the never-ending cycle to be an inspiration to spark your creativity.

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’

 Albert Einstein

What is creativity?

When you think about creativity, automatically you think about an artist that can draw beautiful portraits or an artist that can paint wonderful pictures. Yes, that is true but to a certain extent. Creativity is how a person expresses their imagination to make something new. That should excite you as creativity is what you make it! Here are four reflective questions to get you to think about your creativity:

  1. How do you express your creativity?
  2. When your imagination runs wild, how do you bring these ideas to life?
  3. Do you, paint, sing, cook, dance, write?
  4. What do you do when you have this amazing idea that you want to let out into the world?
Make space for you to be creative

Now that you have an idea about the different ways that you express your creativity, the next thing to do is make space within your routine to express your creativity.  

What can you look forward to doing every day/week that is an opportunity for you to be creative?

Some examples are: cooking your favourite meal from your favourite restaurant, writing a story, decorating a space/room in your home, learning a TikTok dance routine, creating an awesome spread in your Inspire Spirit Planner, planning a trip for post-lockdown… the opportunities to be creative are endless!


Allowing yourself the time and space to be creative is an excellent form of self-care! Protecting your wellbeing and happiness are very important in creating a life with balance. When you are happy and you are taking care of your wellbeing, it becomes easier to see the beauty in each and every day as well as making the most of your routine! It no longer becomes a chore but a step towards expressing your creativity.

Make it a habit to be creative! Decide to make each new day different to the previous one! And want to become your best self with each new day!

‘Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules,
making mistakes, and having fun.’
 Mary Lou Cook

Creativity is not confined to whether or not you can draw. Creativity can be anything you want it to be, so go ahead and be creative!

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