Start with your 'Why'

Start with your 'Why'

Start With Why is a well-known a book by Simon Sinek, which focuses on defining your why and is featured on our previous blog post, 10 self-development books to read this year! It is an excellent guide that is aimed at businesses, non profits and politics, on how starting with the why makes it easier to become a leader. If this is something that you want to focus on it is definitely a great book to start your business journey and we recommend it!

Whenever it is time to start a new journey, whether that be job, business, goal, relationship, habit etc, setting a 'why' or an intention can be hard or even completely missed. In the beginning when things are new and exciting it can seem like an insignificant thing to think about. But once the excitement has worn off and there are a few challenges that have arisen, the easiest thing to do in the moment is quit. The novelty that was once present has disappeared. There is nothing stopping you from leaving, making it easier to quit over seeing it through.

'Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention'

- Bryant McGill

At Inspire Spirit we believe that you have the power to accomplish your dreams and find your true self! A part of this journey is over coming the challenges that may arise and starting with your 'why' is a great way to make these challenges easier to overcome.

What is your 'why'?

First things first, we need to figure out your why or your intention.

What is the reason behind the thing that you are doing?

Why am I starting this new job? What do I want from this relationship? Where do I want to go in my career? What do I want to achieve by developing this habit? What do I want to be known for? Why am I starting this new business?

For example, before getting a new job, a why could be ‘wanting to learn more about a certain industry and advance further in your career’. Taking the time to start with why will help distinguish the right job opportunities and career path, eventually leading you in the direction of fulfilling your why.

The important thing to remember is to have a very solid why that will push you to see the journey out in full. You could have more than one why when it comes to starting something new, which is fine! This may come easy or take a bit of thought. No matter how long it takes, the outcome is to be specific and confident in your why.

When faced with challenges

We all know that with any new journey, be that towards a goal, career, relationship, there will be challenges that will definitely come along the way. It is a natural part of life that we often can not avoid. Without a solid why, the easiest thing to do is give up. But when you do have a solid why, there is more of a focus on the future and what the intention is to get out of the journey. When a challenge arises, simply remind yourself why it is that you are in the current place to serve as motivation to keep on going. It will be the push that you need to overcome the challenge, make it to the end and get fulfil your intention!

Will your why change?

With the progression of any journey, overtime your why may change or evolve. You may get to a certain point where you have figured out your why and decide to change it to something else. Or you may learn something new and discover that your why is actually completely different to what you may have wanted it to be. Regardless of whether it changes or not, by taking the time to think about the intention behind it is the best step!

'Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome.'

- Brenna Yovanoff

Before you start a new job, goal, relationship, business, habit or anything you desire, be sure to ask yourself ‘why am I doing?’ this and ‘what do I want to come out of this?’. Set your intention and then smash it!

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