Say 'No' and change your life

Say 'No' and change your life

"No."A simple word that many of us have trouble saying. Subconsciously, we have coded that YES may be easier to say. However, learning to say NO is a vital skill. Why? It is straightforward. Every time we say NO to something else or even someone, we say YES to ourselves.

Follow your heart and intuition

The only time when we indeed do what we love is while we are following our intuition and heart - this is a state of mind in which we are regularly happy. Daily, however, we encounter various factors to which we must respond. Whether it is a matter of work when a colleague asks us for something which is beyond our work duties, or after a hard day when another person begs us for a change on the street.

Although you may be afraid to refuse because you think you would look evil and selfish, the opposite is exact. It is crucial not to feel guilty while saying NO.

The ability to say NO is internally connected with self-respect and knowing our values. If we would not struggle to reject things and requests, we became a stronger personality, and we will also be more respected in the eyes of others. Although it may be difficult for you at first, remember that you have no obligation to explain to someone why you have refused. You are not responsible for anyone else, and you have a completely free right to act and decide according to your feelings. Additionally, anyone who truly cares about you will not force you into anything you are not up to.

Saying 'No' can increase your happiness

Remember that the ability to say NO is one of the privileges of a happy and satisfied person. Even from a medical point of view, if we say YES to things we individually consider to be beneficial for us, our mind would not have to deal with negative factors as it is satisfied with how things are. Note that people who are afraid to refuse are much closer to stress.

Once you learn to use this magic word, you will never live in fear to give someone or something the “red”.

Apart from the simple examples given, it may be beneficial going even deeper as only there we can find out what higher meaning the word NO can have. For example, when we say NO to a toxic relationship, we say YES to the future love of life. When we say NO to our job that we do not like, we say YES to the next business we may wish to build. If we say NO to the Coca-Cola we love so much, in a few months, we may be praising our better physical condition.

The right source for saying YES to your life

There are many possible scenarios. Steve Jobs also serves as a great example. Once he asked his employees “what did they say NO to today”. He knew that if we reject what is not essential, we would genuinely focus on the essentials.

Furthermore, this is the reason why we have designed the Inspire Spirit Journal. We believe that our product can help you with setting your priorities and saying YES only to what you want. And thanks to that, we can work better with the most valuable commodity we have in life - the time

Most importantly, we are not saying that you should not listen to your friend or even a stranger when they ask for help. The only thing we are highlighting here is that you should always have yourself in the first place.

The formula is pretty simple; “if you are not happy and satisfied with yourself, you cannot help someone else.”

After all, like Tom Hanks, an American actor, says:
“Saying no to something is actually much more powerful than saying yes.”
Are you ready to say YES to yourself? Then say NO to something else!



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