Real People, Real Stories: How Avatâra Ayuso Is Transforming The World Of Dance!

Real People, Real Stories: How Avatâra Ayuso Is Transforming The World Of Dance!

Who is Avatâra Ayuso?

 Avatâra is a choreographer, Artistic Director of AVA DANCE COMPANY, a cultural leader and an activist in the dance world. Having trained in ballet, Argentinian tango and linguistics, Avatâra has received multiple awards and grants to further her development as a choreographer and cultural leader. As well as carrying out research in leadership with various organisations including Open University UK and Clore Leadership Programme. Avatâra has worked and performed internationally, where she was able to interact with many people from different cultures.

One of Avatâra’s biggest achievements is knowing her privilege and using it to make a positive impact in the world through dance! Using her passion for dance, Avatâra is pursuing her dream and helping the younger generation to build confidence and dream bigger whilst also fighting outdated beliefs that are still present in society. Her main belief is in the power of dance to change and enrich lives.

Problems Avatâra is Solving

Throughout her many experiences in the world, Avatâra was aware first hands of the many problems in the world today that need to be solved.

Avatâra wants to overcome eurocentrism by promoting cultural exchanges between artists and learning how different cultures perceive and experience dance. Through collaborating with artists from different cultures,  Avatâra is promoting the increase in the cultural exchanges and dialogues between the creatives from different cultures.

It was found in 2020 that a higher share of men than women were working as managers, directors or senior officials, with 14% of men in these roles compared to 9% of women. Avatâra’s international experiences have made her aware of the inequality women face in the workforce in general and in the dance sector. In choreography there is gender bias, to where in the 2019-20 ballet season, men choreographed 79% of all works performed by the top 50 ballet companies. Avatâra believes that women are not taught to be leaders but rather follow the patriarchal structures in place. This can be solved by empowering women and girls to become leaders within society through the charity AWA DANCE.


AWA DANCE, Advancing Women’s Aspirations with Dance, is a charity founded by Avatâra based in the UK. The charity aims to develop leadership in women and girls with the use of dance as the tool to empower their voices and through sharing their five core DANCE values: Dream big, take Action, Navigate the world, Create an artistic and leadership voice and Empower others.

AWA DANCE also provides a network of women who are able to support, collaborate and empower each other. Avatâra’s commitment is to create opportunities for the female voice to be heard. AWA DANCE Charity is her contribution to making the 21st century world a better place for everyone!

The Charity offers opportunities and dance workshops to enhance, train and develop the leadership qualities in the women and girls. It also takes the time to recognise the women’s achievements with their annual award.

AWA DANCE Charity understands the impact of making a change first from the individual and has impacted 2563 women and girls, including those from ethnic minorities and disabilities!

Avatâra’s Connection to Inspire Spirit!

Avatâra believes that dance is an empowering activity that produces wellbeing and artistic experiences for those who dance as well as those who watch. Wellbeing, creativity and leadership are at the core of Inspire Spirit which are qualities that resonate with Avatâra.

At Inspire Spirit, we believe that Avatâra is making an amazing impact in the world using dance! Her story is very inspiring as it is a prime example of using your talent to create a positive change in the world as well as always following your dreams!

Be sure to check out AWA DANCE Charity and AVA DANCE COMPANY to support Avatâra’s work and continue her positive work with dance!

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