Journaling holds a great power, more than ever before

Journaling holds a great power, more than ever before

We are bombed by information - from everywhere and all the time!
Social networks, constantly evolving technologies, advertising in both the offline and online worlds… These are just a few of the reasons we are currently living in the busiest times of history. In the continually changing world, a lot of information and related thoughts and emotions are flying at us - day after day. Whether we realise it or not, it all has a crucial impact on our health, both the mental and physical. How do we fight back?

Let's find a system that works

It is very challenging for every single of us to develop a system of habits which will lead us to where we desire and will also allow us to make progress.
And this is where journaling comes in useful - more than ever before!
The most crucial element in the lives of millions of people is most likely organising.

It is scientifically proven that we better remember our motifs projected to a paper due to increased focus on them. The first two simple reasons why you also should step into journaling are planning and prioritising. The moment we truly realise what is important to us, we can adequately divide our attention and focus into the things which matter to us. The ability to be organised in this period of chaotic lives is the most significant benefit of journaling.

ll this is closely related to motivation and the following actions we take. Millions of thoughts and ideas go through each of us every single day; “I could go on a holiday, I could buy this car, I could earn so much next year." The final results are, however, not defined by what we should do but by what we have to do and what actions we take. Accordingly, we all often have a problem with moving from ideas to real actions. As Robert Herjavec, a successful businessman based in Canada, says:

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

This is why journaling has spread so powerfully among successful and wealthy people as they truly realise that what is written on a paper ‘cannot be taken back’. If you have zero experience with journaling, try to write down three important tasks you have for tomorrow, carry that with you and see if you pay more attention to it than if you only had it planned in your head as usual.

Planning can be a game changer

In short, having recorded ‘what, when, why and how’ is extremely important. We often keep a structure around something that is ‘written’ in our heads but try to imagine how productive you would have become if you put it down into your journal.
If you want to improve your Italian, travel Scandinavia or create a passive income in the next 12 months, you need to break it down into small steps to make this happen. Attend language classes every Tuesday, find a travel partner, and listen to your favourite motivational speakers every day. The key is to be consistent in what you are doing every day.

Journaling will help you to stay motivated and inspired throughout the whole journey to your goals as you can track your challenges, ideas, obstacles and things you are already grateful for. James Pennebaker, the author of Writing to Heal, states that that journaling has a significant influence on the state of mind in which we find ourselves.

He also identifies that people who journal regularly have improved their immune functions, memory retention and, last but not least, increased creativity. These are all the parameters that steam our mental setting. The only moment when all these elements are at the right level, we tend to be closer to positive emotions and will be able to perform better and produce better results, we can raise the quality of our overall well-being.

"Journaling has a significant influence on the state of mind in which we find ourselves." Whether you only want to have an order in your life or make a million pounds, whether you wish to travel the world or you are happy with where you are, it is indisputable that journaling can give you a perfect overview of your own life and develop your unlimited potential.

Why Inspire Spirit?

There are plenty of journals from which you can choose as journaling is a huge trend nowadays. Our team has also tried several journals throughout their lives - but why have we decided to create the Inspire Spirit Journal and why you should give it a try?

First of all, we are not defined by a specific customer group. Our aim is not being the right journal for business people, students or monks. We believe that the elements included in our journal are universal and can help anyone to be the best version of themselves.
The Inspire Spirit Journal was designed based on the five most essential well-being elements.

All tools that you can find in the Inspire Spirit Journal have been thoroughly chosen to improve these five areas stated above. From the Wheel of Life, Habit Tracker, Vision Board, Goal Planning to Weekly and Monthly Overviews and many more. Last but not least, the Inspire Spirit Journal is made out of sustainable resources. You will find the elegance in our vegan leather cover, write onto recyclable paper with FSC mark and carry the journal in your E-co cotton bag which is gifted by us with every single purchase.




Our mission is simple: We want to give you the power to achieve all your dreams and find your true self. 

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