How to define your priorities? Try this easy rule from Warren Buffet!

How to define your priorities? Try this easy rule from Warren Buffet!

Warren Buffett was ninety years old a few days ago. He is currently the fourth richest man on the planet and still an active and brilliant investor whose art no one has surpassed yet.

Do you also wonder how he does it?

"The difference between successful and very successful is that very successful people say no to almost everything."

But how do you correctly determine what to pay attention to and what to remove from the agenda?

His simple three-step procedure, which he confided to his personal pilot Mike Flint when he asked him for career advice, could help you.

All you need is paper, a pencil and a willingness to cut. Are you ready?

Step 1

Warren Buffett instructed Flint to write 25 career goals on a blank sheet of paper. If you feel full of a career, you can write down just 25 things you need to do next week.

Step 2

The second step is the so-called elimination. Browse your list and select the five most important tasks to pay attention to. Be ruthless, circle only the most essential tasks. And remember that the most important does not necessarily mean the most urgent. Copy the circled ones to another piece of paper and then add the remaining twenty uncircled ones to another one.

Step 3

You have two papers in front of you, two lists. The first one with five selected things and the second paper with those that did not make it to the narrowest selection. When Buffett asked Flint what he would do with the 20 things, he replied, "They may not be among the selections, but I will pay attention to them as soon as it's their turn or when they overlap thematically."

Buffett replied: "No, that's not exactly how it should be, Mike. Everything you haven't circled now becomes a list of things you must avoid at all costs. You can return to them when you have completed all the items from the first paper."

The Inspire Spirit Planner will help you to put Buffett's trick into practice!

Planning and prioritising with the IS Journal has never been easier. It has been designed in mind with a clear and easy planning & prioritising structure that allows you to keep track on your goals all the time! Set both your long-term and short-term goals, break them down and then smash them by developing positive habits along the way with Inspire Spirit.

What did Buffett teach Flint for the lesson?

That in the way of achieving what we want, we need to clarify what it really is. And to relentlessly get rid of all activities that are tempting and fun - or that we really care about - but are not really essential and will only distract and distract us from the essential

What else is great about Buffett's trick?

That you can use it for other situations than just determining your professional priorities. Be creative and try to organise your day with it. Instead of 25 goals, write down what you would like to accomplish on a given day, and circle only the two most essential items. With his help, plan what you want to do by the end of the year, or maybe clarify what you would like to change at home. You can use it for anything you need to clarify.

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