How to create a vision board that works!

How to create a vision board that works!

A vision board is a collation of photographs and/or words put together as a visual representation of goals and dreams to serve as motivation. They became very popular in the 2000s after the release of “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne and continues to be a popular method of visualisation.

Visualise your success then take action.”
—  Anonymous
When it comes to making a vision board it can be a bit overwhelming especially if it is a new concept. A vision board can be used for anything this can include, business, travel, lifestyle, motivation, personal life, the list goes on.
Types of vision boards

Vision boards can come in many different forms and can be made physically or digitally. With physical vision boards, you can print pictures/quotes or find them in magazines. Alternatively you can search for pictures/quotes online and create your vision board on a laptop or computer.

Whichever way you decide to make your vision board here are some different examples of types of mood boards you can make:

Pictures – collect pictures that show what you want your dreams and goals to be

Words – key words that represent where you want to be or what you want to achieve

Affirmations – write statements that will take you beyond your goals to your dreams

Quotes – choose quotes that inspire you to complete to be your best self

Art – express your goals through your own drawings and doodles

We are here to help you get the most out of your vision board in the Inspire Spirit planner and any other vision boards you plan to make in the future. Here are the steps to make a vision board that actually works!

Step 1

Figure out your goals – what are the goals that you want to achieve in a specific time frame? It is best to make sure that these goals are specific and attainable given the direction your life is headed in.

Step 2

Break your goals down into different categories – with each goal, figure out the category or key word that it fits into. This will help to specify the goal as well as speed up the search for your chosen type of content, be that pictures, quotes, affirmations, words or art.

Step 3
Imagine what each completed goal would look like to you – this is a visualisation technique that will help you to specify what your goals will look like, to increase the chance of completion. Studies have shown that most of the top athletes in the world use visualisation as a part of training to prepare for success!

Step 4
Search, search, search! – now is the time to search for inspiration, using the categories, that represent the goals that you wish to achieve! Pinterest, Google and magazines are a great place to gather content for your vision board.

Step 5
Time to get creative – once you have your inspiration in your chosen form, it’s time to get creative! Make your vision board what you want it to be. Experiment and have fun! Play around with different layouts, sizes and colours until you’re happy!

"Dream big, stay positive, work hard, and enjoy the journey."
— Urijah Faber

Once your vision board is complete you’re probably wondering what’s next? What is the magic step to making your vision board work? The magic step is… do the work and achieve your goals!

Visualisation through your vision board is an important step but it should not be the only step. Make the effort every month to reflect on your vision board and keep working towards your dreams and goals!

In order to make a vision board that works, be specific, visualise yourself completing the goals, be creative and… remember to do the work!

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