How To Break Your Goals Down Into Actionable Steps

How To Break Your Goals Down Into Actionable Steps

Every year we set new goals and aim to achieve them throughout the year. Goals are an important part of life that helps to bring us all to the next level! It is very easy to set goals and is often difficult to follow through until the end. This is especially true when the result seems as if it is nowhere near where you currently are. Getting to the end and reaching that goal is one of the best feelings that we all deserve to feel!

If you have set goals and not seen any results, then this is a sign to change your usual routine! When setting new goals a great step to practice so that you to actually complete your goals is breaking each goal down into actionable steps! Breaking your goals down into actionable steps is a way of creating a plan that maps out the journey to success and complete the goal!

Here are ways to break down your goals into actionable steps using the example of starting a new business idea!

Gain clarity on your goals

The first and most important step is beginning to think about what the goal is and what it would look like completed. By defining what it is that you want to achieve makes it easier to create a plan to get to that goal.

Using the example of starting a new business idea, the completed goal could be a launch date, an application for funding or getting your first sale. It all depends on what success looks like to you.

Think about where you currently are now

In comparison to where you are now what will it take to get to your goal and how long will it take? This is another important step that allows you to take a realistic view as to how far away or how close you are to completing the goal.

With the example of starting a new business idea, at the current moment, you could be in the idea development stage, in the process of creating a business plan or developing the product. Where you are now is vital in moving onto the next step.

Create specific milestones

Knowing where you currently are and what your completed goal looks like, you know what to do to get you from where you are to the completed goal. This could look like four milestones or eight milestones, it all depends on where you are relative to the final goal.

For example, if you are currently at the idea development stage with your final goal being the launch date, there are quite a few milestones in between. These milestones could look like creating the business plan, applying for funding, setting up a website, testing the product or service and then the launch.

Set a good time frame

Realistically, how long will it take you to complete all of the milestones and get you to the completed goal? Take all of the various factors into consideration that could come into play and potentially halt or speed you towards the completed goal.

With the example of launching a new business idea, you could be working full-time during the week which means that you may not have a lot of free time to dedicate to working on your business. With this in mind, it may take much longer than if you were at university for example.

Work consistently

Work consistently through each milestone, until you get to the end. Multiple milestones can be hit simultaneously or there could be large gaps between hitting each milestone. Keeping consistent and working through is the best way to ensure that your goal is completed!

Here at Inspire Spirit, we want all of our community to reach their goals. This is why it is one of the pillars that our planners are designed with. In our planners, you can set goals, break them down into milestones and track your progress towards each goal every month!

Breaking down your goals is a great way to ensure you reach success! When setting new goals, try this technique and smash your goals!

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