Build A Morning Routine With Inspire Spirit

Build A Morning Routine With Inspire Spirit

Mornings and evenings are the most important times of the day. How you spend your mornings is vital in setting up your day and how your evenings are spent is key in preparing for the next day. Starting your day in the right way sets the pace and the tone. Therefore, how you prepare yourself for the day to come is extremely important! You may have heard of crazy morning routines with 20 steps or that require you to wake up at 3am, these are not the types of morning routines we are talking about.

A morning routine is a simple set of activities/habits that you can do to prepare you for the day to come. The key thing to note about a morning routine is that it prepares you for the day. This is important as it means that you can make it whatever you want it to be to best prepare you for the day!

If you don’t have your own morning routine or you do have one that no longer inspires you, we are here to help! We want to help you build a morning routine that works!

Vital Steps Needed In Every Morning Routine

The most important step to have in a morning routine is a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it fuels your body with energy to get through the first part of the day. There are many healthy breakfast ideas out there that you can eat on the go or take your time to enjoy. This could be overnight oats, avocado toast, a fruit smoothie, a breakfast bowl, yoghurt, granola, pancakes, the list goes on! Make sure to choose a healthy, nutritious breakfast.

Checking or creating a to-do list is another vital step. By doing this you are able to focus your energy according to the needs of each day. You know what needs to be done throughout the day, which will help with time management and time allocation.

Moving your body in a way that you enjoy is great way to start off each day. It does not have to be full gym session, if that is not something you are into. It could be as simple as a few stretches, a short walk or jog around your neighbourhood. Do something that requires movement and gets the blood flowing around your whole body.

Taking some time in the morning to do a mindful activity to clear your mind is great way to start your day. Mindful activities could look like cleaning, meditating, doing some yoga, listening to music, journaling or conscious breathing. The aim is to clear your mind of any anxious or distracting thoughts to prepare your mindset and mood for the day to come.

The final vital step that every morning routine needs is, making your bed! This may seem as an odd step that might not be as important. Making your bed once you have woken up simply stops you from getting back in to bed and gets you started on your morning routine to start the day.

Make It Your Own

Now that you have the 5 vital steps that every morning routine needs, its time for you to get creative and make your morning routine your own. Add in any activity or habit that will lift your mood and prepare you for the day ahead. 

This could be anything from, speaking to a specific person, reading, a face mask or any form of self-care, reducing screen time, visualisation to manifestation. It's all about what works for you and only you!

What you choose to add to your morning routine does not have to be a step on it's own, it can be done alongside other steps within the routine. For example, whilst having a healthy breakfast you can read a few pages of a book that is on your to-read list. Or whilst moving your body you can be in the moment and refrain from using your phone and listen to music instead. 

Your Inspire Spirit planner can help to create and track your morning routine! When creating your routine, write it out in your planner to remind you each morning and also track your habits with the habit tracker.

The goal is to make your routine enjoyable and the best part of your day! Create your morning routine with you in mind and see your days transform for the better!

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