5 Reasons To Pack Your Planner Wherever You Go!

5 Reasons To Pack Your Planner Wherever You Go!

With the lockdown measures continuing to ease here in the UK there is the thrill and excitement of being able to meet up with friends and family and slowly work towards a sense of normality being outside! After months of being inside, it is great to see more friends and family in person and experience being outside in the world!

Now that more can be done safely outside, at first glance, it can be quite easy to leave planners at home. We have 5 reasons that might make you reconsider leaving your Inspire Spirit planner at home and packing it with you wherever you go!

Increased productivity & time management

After having already planned out your day, bringing your planner along is a great way to keep on top of your schedule filled with appointments, calls, meetings, meals out, or drinks with friends. You know what needs to be completed and where you need to be throughout the day, all you have to do is show up and get it done. Keeping to a set schedule is a great productivity booster and it also increases your time management skills!

Able to plan ahead

When plans change or new plans pop up within short notice, it can be hard to fit into an already busy schedule. Often through human recollection, some meetings/appointments can be forgotten, so when another meeting is agreed to on the same day there is a clash and double booking. By having your planner with you, you can see into your near future and then allocate new plans into the current set schedule without any mishaps happening!

Planners are reliable

Your planner is extremely reliable as it is less likely to run out of battery or forget to tell you important information. Given how far technology has come there are still some aspects that pen and paper currently perform better in. You are in charge of what you put into the planner and what you get out of it. If you make a note of an important date coming up in the next few weeks, when it comes closer to the time, the date will still be there all you have to do is show up.

Instant access

Keeping your planner on you wherever you go allows you to write ideas, notes or any other important information as and when it is given to you. This saves the effort of having to remember to make a note of information later on, which is less likely given the nature of our short-term memory. Unless the information is constantly repeated, it will be forgotten. Having your planner on you at all times saves trying to remember important information and allows you to focus on the important tasks for the day.

A creative outlet

Sometimes when our schedules are full, it can often be difficult to fit in time to express creativity. By having your planner on you, there is always the opportunity to be creative. In your spare time between tasks or meetings, there is the opportunity to make a spread in your planner, brain dump, journal, write out a quote or plan a new day. It is a great way to take time to destress and express yourself creatively.


Your planner is an incredible asset that you have in your life! Given these reasons, you may reconsider leaving your planner at home. Instead, make the most of it by keeping your planner on you at all times and begin to see your life change for the better!

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