2020 has been crazy so far. How about getting out of it even stronger?

2020 has been crazy so far. How about getting out of it even stronger?

Homo Sapiens has inhabited this planet for two hundred thousand years. We rightly consider ourselves as modern people. But this is not the only attribute we could assign as a genus. We at Inspire Spirit also suggest “indestructible.”

During this long time, we have been fighting natural disasters, mutual wars, pandemics and other unexpected events. And if we’ve survived everything so far and, in the process, we managed to expand our total population at a pretty decent pace. We will not get broken by the coronavirus.


Mass hysteria can be really dangerous

What is the best cure for crowd hysteria? Peace. Whatever is going on in the world around us, we will never take the right approach if we start to panic. We realise that in today’s world ruled by modern technology, “and what’s new today, there will be no trends in a week,” it can sometimes be quite difficult to calm down. That’s why Inspire Spirit is here. We want to be your partner in this hasty time; we want you to be still able to have an overview of your own life and grow over time.

But we have deviated a bit from today’s topic - it hurts to see people die, wherever they are from around the world, and we applaud everyone on the front line. But here we have a message for you, our readers, and an answer to a simple question that each of us should ask: “What can I do for my health? How can I defend myself against the virus?”

Well, believe it or not, the answer is quite simple. We follow world-renowned experts, whether they are scientists or doctors, and they offer a simple solution: “Work on your immune system!”

Immune system is the key to all viruses

Here are a few tips you can practice on your own:

1) Proper diet is crucial! But don’t be afraid to spice up your dinner tonight! As such, the spice has antioxidant and detoxifying properties, thus improving the body’s defences.

2) Onions, ginger, cinnamon, pepper. These are all substances you should not avoid. Garlic is even healthier!

3) Do you stick to the line and chocolate is a forbidden word for you? Only a few ingredients have such a positive effect on our immunity as cocoa! Even our grandmothers used to say it is actually good for nerves.

4) Water, water, water! Sufficient fluid allows not only the excretion of harmful substances but also the full performance of all other organs and physical and mental functions. 2 litres daily is the minimum below which you should not get.

5) Have you been for a run today? If not, don’t forget that we wash away endorphins during sports. You can include at least half an hour of stretching in your daily routine. And while we’re at it, we recommend wholemeal bread for breakfast, it keeps the gut healthy and protects the body from disease.

A circle of fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C

6) There are never enough vitamins! Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, in connection with the coronavirus, talks about the fact that people need more vitamins A, B, C, D. The latter begins to form itself in the body by staying in the sun. Still, today you can conveniently buy them all in the form of various products.

7) On the contrary, what you should limit is alcohol and smoking. If something has reliably undermined the human immune system since time immemorial, it is these two vices.

8) The right scent can have strong antibacterial effects! Besides, such a lemon stimulates the production of white blood cells. Scented candles or oils are therefore recommended!

Woman getting a good night's sleep

9) How about a good night’s cover? Researchers at Yale University have found that if your nose temperature drops by just five degrees, your defences against viruses of all kinds are drastically reduced.

10) It is also necessary to mention quality sleep, which helps us maintain the right level of melatonin and, of course, meditation which can be a significant helper in keeping you in a mindful state.

In conclusion, the only thing we would like to add is positive thinking. Or even rather than that, we should all take a positive stance, as Napoleon Hill wrote in his book, The Power of Positive Action. It was written in challenging times like this, therefore, we need to realise that staying calm and taking proper care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, is the most crucial thing we can do.

Good luck then! And remember: The worst death is the one of fright.

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