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We are a young fast-growing company that takes pride in providing well-being products. As we care about the global issues surrounding us today, all our products have the environment and sustainability at their core. At Inspire Spirit we also believe that well-being can be achieved through the power of community and inspiration. One of our key goals is therefore to provide opportunities for inspirational people to come together, forming a virtual community that motivates others to grow and achieve their dreams. 

Life can often become hectic. More than ever before, people are questioning the meaning of their lives and are striving for happiness; although often without making any real changes. Inspire Spirit is not here to tell you what you should do but continually strives to help you make good choices. In the end, the decisions you make are entirely yours. Our company will always be by your side on the journey towards your dreams, because we want you to achieve them too. 

Nowadays, many of us rely heavily on phones, tablets and computers with their various apps and reminders. There is increasing awareness of a gradual decline in mental health across the globe, partly due to the use of more and more technology in our daily lives. Although digital devices have an important role to play in our lives, the importance of pen and paper cannot be underestimated. Paper diaries have not only survived into the digital era, they have grown in popularity as the benefits they bring, linked to reflection and self-development, have become clear. Let our Inspire Spirit Motivational Diary help you to move ever closer to achieving your dreams.

Our Inspire Spirit motivational diary is designed to motivate and inspire you, focusing on your self-development, spiritual development, time management, self-reflection and goal setting. As every person on this planet is unique, we have kept it as simple as possible, to allow you to use it in a way that works for you. Whether you are a student, parent, unemployed or in business, our Inspire Spirit diary is designed with everyone in mind. Finally, our diary will never tell you what you should do. Its aim is to awaken your creativity and potential – so you can be confident that the life decisions you make are the right ones for you… 

We hope that our Inspire Spirit diary will become your true friend, and that it helps you to find your true self. 

Mission & Vision



  • To give people the power to accomplish​ their dreams and find their true self.  


  • To become the world's leading well-being company providing high-quality products and services.

Meet the Team


Patrik Huber BA (Hons), MSc

Founder & CEO

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Patrik is a Director and graphic designer at Inspire Spirit. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Sports
Management and a master’s degree in International Tourism Management (University of Birmingham), Patrik
decided to combine his love of well-being, books, self-development & business. He has never looked back.

Alexandra Frohlichova BSc (Hons), MSc


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Alexandra graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in International Tourism Management (University
of Birmingham). Her passion is to help others to grow and blossom through creativity and purpose, so there is
no surprise that she provides the creative element of Inspire Spirit!


To give people the power to accomplish their dreams and find their true self.






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